Making Men Fall in Love – 3 Ways to Win the Male Heart

Are you ready to give up on the single life and you now want to know the secrets of making men fall in love with you? Have you had a string of one night stands and now it’s time to think of a more serious relationship? Has it always been easy for you to find a bed partner, but finding a true life partner just seems to constantly elude you? This is a growing dilemma for many women who easily manage lust, but are hopeless when it comes to managing love. Read on to find out the difference between getting a man for a night and getting a man for life.The first secret shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. If you want more than just a sexual tryst, keep sex out of the picture for quite a while. While many consider this too old fashioned, simply keeping sex out of the relationship tells the man you’re interested in an awful lot about you. With just this simple gesture you’re telling him that you want him to prove that he deserves you. You’re telling him that you respect yourself enough to make him prove his worthiness. And you’re also, by teasing him and letting him have a glimpse of what is to come, driving him nuts as the sexual tension builds up.That’s quite a lot for one little omission in a budding relationship. So don’t be too quick to brush it off as an unimportant aspect of your relationship with him.The other thing you want to keep in mind is showing your appreciation and admiration for the guy you’re hoping to spend the rest of your life with. This shouldn’t be too hard considering if you want him in your life it must be because he has plenty of qualities. While there is no need to gush and lay it on too thick, you should be able to offer praise where praise is due.At the beginning of a relationship, you both should be filled with nervous energy with every date. Not knowing what to expect is part of the excitement that accompanies getting to know one another. Don’t rush this part of your relationship. Savor it and let each date be a chance to learn more about him. Open up and let him in and discover who you really are.If you can assure that he leaves every date feeling better about himself and feeling eager to see you again, he’ll come to see how great it is being around you and he’ll fall in love.


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