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58mm Lens Adapter For The Nikon Coolpix 8800 Digital Camera + MagicFiber Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

♦ New 58mm Lens and Filter Adapter Tube for Nikon Coolpix 8800
– Specifically designed for your camera for a tight and secure fit. No wobbling or cross-threading.
– 2 Piece adapter set screws onto the front of your camera to allow for mounting of telephoto, wide angle lenses, filters, caps, and lens hoods of 58mm.
* Bottom section is for wide angle lenses and filters.
* Top piece combined with bottom piece is for telephoto and macro/close up lenses.
– Made of durable aluminum metal (not plastic).

♦ Premium MagicFiber® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
– Ultra gentle! Extremely fine microfiber leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks. Safe for all lenses.
– Features special saw tooth pattern edges. Other sellers’ cloths have unfinished edges that will fray easily, the weave becoming undone and threads pulling out easily. Our microfibers are made with premium materials and designed to the highest standard of quality.
– Ideal for cleaning oil and dirt off eyeglasses, iPhone/iPad and other touch screens, binocular lenses, digital SLR and other camera lenses, GPS devices, and other delicate optics.
– Clean without the need of soaps or detergents. Wipe down kids’ toys, cribs, stainless steel counters and other areas you want to keep chemical free.
– Great value for your money. Reusable and long lasting. No more paper towel and tissue waste.
– Extremely handy! Keep one in your office, home office, laptop bag, camera bag and car.
– Size: 6 x 7 inches (15cm x 18cm)
– Each microfiber is individually and neatly packed in it’s own polyurethane plastic bag for long term safekeeping.

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